USD 15

Low entry capital requirements. Join now for as low as ~15 USD.


Flat transaction fee, for regular transactions (non-contract). No matter how much you transfer.


Hosting any crypto wallet with us, cost absolutely ZERO.. Each wallet comes with cold storage option.

5 sec

Fast transactions.Transactions are processed in roughly 5 seconds.

xPCN 2

Block reward.Each block is rewarded with 2 XPCN or 0.5 XPCN per uncle.

USD 20

Mining rig.Fully managed mining rig, costs only 20 USD per month despite the location.


PriCEN is a Private Crypto-Economy Network of partnership services running on the top of the blockchain technology, sharing the same mission and vision. It’s an innovative approach to combine the best of both traditional and virtual economies.

One of a kind


Create your own strategy, monitor progress and adjust it anytime you like. Spread the word about PriCEN Network and build additional income stream utilizing your skills. You will be rewarded for the results of your work.

Additional income stream


No matter how big or small investor you are, PriCEN Network provide attractive rewards system for your contribution. Yields depend on the Smart Contract choice and tenure.

Up to 15% returns


Increase your sales by adding an PriCEN PayNET option to your already existing sales platform. Increase your revenue by cutting on transaction fees of the atomic transactions.

Low transaction fees


No hardware, no software and no electricity bills. Mining made easy. Start mining in seconds with PriCEN MineNET. Rent one or more mining rigs and start extraction in a few minutes.

Flat monthly fee


Whether you are already established business or trying to make the first steps as an entrepreneur, PriCEN Network might be a good option for you to consider. Get in touch with us to see how we can help each other.

We are waiting for you

Mobile Platform. Coming Soon.

PriCEN Network at your fingertips. Payments, Storage, Messaging and more. All Safe and Secure.

iPhone App

We Are Global

PriCEN Network is a global network of partnership services, backed by industry-leading technology and security. PriCEN’s blockchain-based ecosystem, deployed on the state of the art infrastructure across all of the continents. No matter who you are, where are you from, what your budget is, PriCEN Network have solutions for you. You can’t go wrong.


Ready to join?

The Private Crypto-Economy Network is currently available by invitation only. Click below to find ideas on how to enter.