Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, United Kingdom. 
8AM – 6PM Weekdays
Why PriCEN

The Private Crypto-Economy Network

Provides a wide range of solutions for individuals and businesses. Built on the partnership principals forms continuously evolving private community driven economy platform.


All of the PriCEN components are deployed within the private network. Storing data or making transactions is completely private.


Our community shapes our economy. PriCEN economy is resistant to external economic cycles, therefore, less volatile.


Globally distributed blockchain network deployed across all of the continents. Available to run your services from anywhere in the world.


Each member of our community together with partners constitute our society. They shape our future direction and development.


Worldwide partner network ensures internal market liquidity as well as provide valuable insights into the future of PriCEN network evolution.


Equality is one of our main pillars which holds the foundation of PriCEN. Each member has the same rights to vote and submit proposals.

There are more reasons

Advanced Software
Utilizing advanced software development skills and techniques to provide unstoppable services.
Cloud Technology
PriCEN components are deployed within the most advanced private cloud technology.
State of the Art Infrastructure
Running of state-of-the-art infrastructure provided by our Partners with more than 20 years market presence.
Team of Ambassadors
Team of Ambassadors and Community Leads who will help you make most out of your membership.
Low entry requirements
We believe everyone should be able to join PriCEN. Therefore we have very low entry capital requirements.
Fanatic Support
Wherever you are and whatever you are dealing with, contact us and we will do our best to provide you with help you need.

Ready to join?

The Private Crypto-Economy Network is currently available by invitation only. Click below to find ideas on how to enter.