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We provide a wide range of bounties to reward your efforts promoting and expanding our network.

We appreciate your efforts!

Fast and simple process

Taking part in our bounty program is fast and easy. Some, you can complete within under a minute in 3 steps – 1. Select bounty of choice. 2. Fulfill requirements. 3. Claim your reward.

Select Bounty

Fulfill Requirements

Claim Reward

Variety of choices

We provide a variety of bounty programs to choose. From simple social media posts to advanced article writing and publishing. If you have a bounty idea, let us know we may consider adding it.

Social Media

Video Editing

Article Publishing

Social engagement

In order to ensure community growth, it is important to maintain the appropriate level of social engagement. Help other understand what PriCEN network is on the Twitter platform and claim rewards for your efforts.

Brand awareness

While building the community we can’t forget about social media marketing. Promoting PriCEN network over the Facebook platform is still one of the most effective marketing strategies. Create or promote (or both) PriCEN related and share with your already established network of Friends and Followers to harvest the bounty rewards.

Advanced video content

It is said one picture is worth a thousand words. How many words is worth a short video? We don’t know. Create introductory, explanatory or promotional video and let us know the answer. Get a hefty reward for your hard work afterward.

Another form of speaking

Writing is another form of speaking. So speak out loud with “ink” and share the knowledge about our community either on your personal blog or let us publish it in our “news” section. Whatever way you choose, your efforts are appreciated here.

Blog Post
Article writing
Advanced publishing

Seasoned journalist looking for new article topic? How about writing something around our community? Accept the challenge to get yourself published by one of the major or niche online magazines, news portals or related mediums. Rewards are waiting for your claim.


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