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PriCEN is a Private Crypto-Economy Network of partnership services operating on the top of a blockchain technology. Military grade cryptography provides security, state of the art infrastructure cater efficiency and fast transactions, while authenticated networks protect data.

PriCEN is not a clone of BitCoin. Though, it implements simillar Proof-of-Work consensus as BitCoin, Ethereum and many more crypto currencies.

PriCEN is a network of partnership services. A combination of both, traditional and virtual economies that allows its participants to exchange means.

The idea to change the approach towards the cryptocurrencies sparks off back in 2016. After several months of analysis, conceptualizing about the services to offer, development took off in the early of 2018. PriCEN network was officially launched in November 2018.

Joining PriCEN network is currently available only via invitation. Please ask around to see if know someone who is an active PriCEN participant and can invite you in. If you were unable to find your sponsor but are eager to join, please get in touch with us directly.

Due to the nature of the PriCEN network, protection of privacy of our participants we rather let the community decide on the new candidates rather than accept unverifiable members.

Everyone has own reasons joining PriCEN. Some, like our innovative approach of combining the best of technology and economies. Others look at PriCEN as an educational platform to get their first steps in the cryptocurrency world. While others just want to take a part in something unique or launch their first entrepreneurship.

Yes. PriCEN is a registered company in England and Wales.

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