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Our MineNET transforms the coin mining approach and bring it to the new level. Completely hassle-free.

We make mining easy

Mining made easy

Mining cryptocurrency can be difficult. Mining PriCEN is different. Try it yourself to see the difference.

No Software

No Hardware

No connectivity

We support your first steps

At PriCEN you are never alone. We’re here to help you grow with every step you make.

Team of Ambassadors

Low Entry

Fanatic support


Mining can be done on almost any computer hardware, though it has been proven that some chips give better results and are more profitable. PriCEN provides an easy and affordable way to mine by renting mining rigs. All those are deployed inside the compartmentalized mining farm.


There is no specialized or proprietary software required to mine. All required software components come with mining rigs and are preconfigured to start extraction almost instantly.


We have simplified the mining process to the absolute minimum so you can enjoy your life while we take care of the rest. As stated earlier, you don’t need hardware, software or connectivity to keep it running.


Ready to join?

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