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As of today (November 1st, 2018), PriCEN network becomes operational and we just wanted to share a few words what it is about and what is coming in the next few weeks.

What is PriCEN?

PriCEN stands for Private Crypto-Economy Network of partnership services, operating on the top of the Ethereum derived blockchain technology. Military grade cryptography provides security, state-of-the-art infrastructure, ensure efficiency and fast transactions. It aims to combine best of both, traditional and virtual economies forming a hybrid or transitional network, providing participants with, safe, stable, sustainable and continuously evolving platform.


The main PriCEN components include Core, WalletNET, MineNET, StorageNET, PayNET, BankNET, BackupNET, CoinSafe, HostNET which we’ll discuss in greater details during the coming weeks. At this time we encourage you to browse our website and see what’s already available.

Blockchain network

Once genesis block will be mined, rest of the core blockchain network components deployed across Germany and France will become operational. Similarly to other available networks, our will require time before it stabilizes. In most of the test cases we have conducted during the last few months, it should settle down after about 4,000 blocks. Considering, the target block time set by the consensus is 5 seconds it won’t take too long before it reaches the desired state.

What’s next?

Wish us good luck… Follow on social media… Give feedback… Wait for updates… Ask questions… Join us… Claim bounties… We are here for you…

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  1. I went throughout the website and it all seems fantastic… Good luck on your journey and I will check back in a while to see how you progress.

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